Engineered for Effectiveness; A next Generation ICS Molecule in Asthma

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019 13.00

Engineered for Effectiveness: a next generation ICS molecule in asthma

01-May-2019 at13:00


Join UK respiratory experts to explore a once daily medicine for Asthma patients

50 years of pharmacological improvements: why is asthma still a problem?
Does potency in inhaled corticosteroids pose greater benefit or risk for asthma patients?
How might you improve asthma control without increasing serious side effects in every day clinical practice?3

Regular inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) therapy is the cornerstone of asthma management and central to enabling people with asthma to lead normal lives free from symptoms. However, suboptimal adherence to regular maintenance therapy remains a key barrier to patients achieving optimal asthma control. Fluticasone furoate was designed as a next generation inhaled corticosteroid molecule, developed to improve on the success of our previous inhaled steroids and improve asthma control.1,2,3

(Fluticasone furoate not licensed as a Monotherapy)


1. Daley-Yates PT. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2015; 80: 372–380
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3. Woodcock A et al. Lancet. 2017;390: 2247-2255

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