5- COVID 19 Testing in Cornwall

Key Pharmacy staff are now able to access a Covid test if they or a member of their family is showing symptoms which might mean they need to self-isolate. The arrangements for these are changing as we move forward.

There is some confusion around how you arrange this. You will have had an email on Saturday explaining a process. This is likely to need the person with the symptoms to go to the drive through at Plymouth. This is probably okay for pharmacies in the East of the county. Treliske is also doing some testing that has the capacity to cover Community Pharmacy Staff and this will now involve going to a facility at Threemilestone. This will be more convenient for the Mid and West of the county and is integrated into the Cornwall system with the result produced locally. Please see below for the detail of how to access this service. Please do not share details of either service with the public or post on Social media. This is just for staff that are key to the operation of a Community Pharmacy. The detail of how to arrange a test via Treliske is below.

There is limited capacity, so the superintendent or branch manager may want to be the one to send the test requests in, so they can ensure it is an appropriate request and so they are aware of who is being tested.

The email address they need to contact is- [email protected]

Please clearly state need for testing and whether it’s you or someone else in household with symptoms (they will test the source case)

They will need;





*Telephone number

The guidance is changing frequently. At the moment they are looking to test around day 2-3 of symptoms (less likelihood of false negatives apparently) and results back within 72hrs (but so far have all come back within 24 hrs). West of Bodmin there is a drive-through centre in Threemilestone, East of Bodmin is Plymouth I believe. Don’t be surprised if this changes….

Although there is limited test capacity, so far all pharmacy requests have been accommodated. This should be used for any member of staff in the community pharmacy team and their household. They will test the person with symptoms- so if a counter assistant’s daughter has symptoms, the daughter gets tested.