One You Heart Age ( February/March 2018)

For all community pharmacies and Distance Selling Pharmacies (DSPs) alike we are pleased to announce the 4th and final campaign of the 2017-18 contractual will be Public Health England’s (PHE) ‘One You’ Heart Age Campaign which will run from 12th February 2018 to the 26th March 2018  inclusively.

Pharmacy campaign resources were delivered to pharmacies and DSP’s on the 26th January 2018.

If you have NOT received your ‘One You’ Heart Age resource pack by Thursday the 1st February 2018 you will need to email Steve Smeeth @ PHE ASAP  HERE ( stating ‘Heart Age campaign resources NOT received’ in the subject bar and providing your pharmacy name, F-code, pharmacy address and postcode, cc’ing in (for information only) the england pharmacy mailbox, (

Heart Age Campaign Overview…

Lifestyle related factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as smoking, poor diet and a lack of exercise can increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke: The Heart Age Campaign provides a great opportunity to keep heart health and blood pressure top of mind.

Heart Age Campaign Objective…

To increase awareness of heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, Public Health England (PHE) One You campaign, will be encouraging adults to complete the ‘One You Heart Age’ Test.

Available to do quickly and easily, the Heart Age Test will let users know how old their heart is (in comparison to their physical age) in less than three minutes. It also provides the user with tips on how they can lower their heart age as well as ways to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Additional Heart Age Resources…

In addition to the resources you will receive form PHE, a whole plethora of other resources can be found within the PHE campaign resource centre HERE.

A ‘One You’ Heart Age poster and A5 Leaflet are also attached to this special bulletin for your immediate use.

DSP’s may find it easier to add these graphics to their email signatures for the duration of the campaign in order to spread the message across their community.

Evaluation on PharmOutcomes…

For your information and in order for you to effectively evaluate the ‘One You’ Heart Age campaign, PHE has provided pharmacies with a Heart Age Monitoring Sheet in order to keep an active tally of the campaign evaluation questions in order to complete the evaluation on PharmOutcomes at the close of the campaign (between 27 March 2018 and 10 April 2018).

Please note: You may find this crib sheet useful for recording campaign interactions and is to assist you with the collection of data only. Please DO NOT submit the crib sheet to NHS England on the close of the campaign: Only return of campaign evaluations via PharmOutcomes will be accepted as proof of participation in the ‘One You’ Heart Age campaign.