Be Clear on Cancer (Spring 2017)

The first Health Campaign of the 2017-18 Contractual Year… BCOC Respiratory Awareness.

From the 29 May 2017 we will be embracing the first opportunity of the new contractual year (2017-18) to provide information and support to the nation; this time, in order to help the nation’s adults, especially those between aged 50 and over, and the key people that influence them, such as family and friends: People over 50 are most at risk of having undiagnosed respiratory illness and make up 97% of lung cancer diagnoses.This bulletin contains the following information, and more, to ensure you have a successful campaign:® BCOC Respiratory Awareness Pharmacy Toolkits (campaign resource packs)

  • -delivery
  • -what to expect in your resource packs
  • -what to do if not received
  • ® BCOC Respiratory Awareness – Key messages and statistics
  • ® Training – free online Talking about cancer’ course.
  • ® Evaluation on PharmOutcomes
  • BCOC Respiratory Awareness pharmacy crib sheet

The BCOC Respiratory Awareness campaign will run for 6 weeks from the 29th May 2017 until the 10th July 2017 and the evaluation will be available on PharmOutcomes within 2 weeks following the close of the campaign i.e. from the 10th July 2017 until the 24th July 2017

This is an excellent opportunity for Community Pharmacy to really engage with patrons and public alike:

BCOC Respiratory Awareness Pharmacy Toolkits (campaign resource packs) will be received by all pharmacies the week commencing the 22nd May 2017.

Delivery of the resources for BCOC Respiratory Awareness  will be direct to pharmacies from Public Health England.

If you do not receive your BCOC Respiratory Awareness resources by the 30th May 2017 you will need to email the PHE Partnerships team, stating BCOC Respiratory campaign resources NOT received’ in the subject bar and providing your pharmacy name, Fcode, pharmacy address and postcode, cc’ing in the england pharmacy mailbox ( Replacement campaign packs should then be received within 3 working days following your email.

The details and key messages for the BCOC Respiratory Awareness campaign can be found by using the Public Health England website and resource centre HERE. For ease the key campaign messages are below and a full PDF BCOC Respiratory Awareness Briefing sheet is attached for your reference.

The key campaign messages:

  • If you’ve had a cough for 3 weeks or more, tell your doctor
  • If you get out of breath doing things you used to be able to do, tell your doctor

With the following secondary messaging:

  • Getting out of breath could be a sign of heart or lung disease, including cancer.
  • Finding it early makes it more treatable, so don’t ignore it, tell your doctor

A persistent cough could be a sign of lung disease, including cancer. Finding it early makes it more treatable, so don’t ignore it, tell your doctor.

Chances are it’s nothing serious but if it is cancer finding it early makes it more treatable

Don’t put getting out of breath down to something else e.g. getting older, being overweight or smoking

BCOC Respiratory Awareness Free OnlineTraining* – The free online Cancer Research UK  ‘Talking About Cancer’  course can assist those working in the community to feel more confident when talking about cancer.

*Please see the attached Cancer Research UK PDF flyer for more information.

For your information and in order for you to effectively evaluate the BCOC Respiratory Awareness campaign, Public Health England has provided pharmacies with a campaign crib sheet, attached, in order to keep an active tally of the following questions in order to complete the evaluation on PharmOutcomes at the close of the campaign (10th July 2017 – 24th July 2017).

Please note: You may find this crib sheet useful for recording campaign interactions and is to assist you with the collection of data only. Please DO NOT submit the crib sheet to NHS England on the close of the campaign: Only return of campaign evaluations via PharmOutcomes will be accepted as proof of participation in the BCOC Respiratory Awareness campaign.

BCOC Respiratory Awareness evaluation questions as follows:

  • Total number of conversations regarding the BCOC campaign occurred within the pharmacy?
  • How many of your total amount of conversations about the BCOC campaign occurred during a MUR or NMS consultation?
  • How many patients as a result of your conversations about the BCOC campaign were referred to the GP for further consultation?

Please be aware that the Evaluation form on PharmOutcomes will become‘read only’ following the deadline for completion (of the evaluation) on PharmOutcomes: this will mean that those pharmacies who do not complete their evaluations, as required within the given timescale, will not then be able to retrospectively complete evaluations in preparation for, or, at year end itself, for the contractual year 2017-18.

The timeframe for which pharmacies will be able to complete the evaluation of the BCOC Respiratory Awareness campaign on PharmOutcomes (unless advised otherwise by NHSE) is between the 10th July 2017 and the 24th July 2017.