The use of PharmOutcomes as the platform for the delivery and claiming of Council services is now operational and should be used for all Emergency Hormonal Contraceptive, Needle Exchange, Alcohol, Health check and NRT voucher interventions. Many thanks to those stores that have already had a play with it and have started to enter their interventions.

The ideal situation is to enter all interventions on the system as you go and then you have nothing else to do as the claiming for the service will be done monthly automatically. There is no longer a need to submit the spreadsheet to the Council, this will no longer generate payment,

If you do not have, or have forgotten your  log in, password  or security word you will need to request these from PharmOutcomes, using the link or by accessing the site direct,  and clicking the help button. Also under the help button you can access a provider support guide which guides you through various operations.

When you open up the system through the Services tab, you should see the services that you are signed up to provide. You will also see any messages that you have been sent. You are unable to reply to messages through PharmOutcomes. You can only raise a query with the help desk.

If you have any queries that the LPC can help with then please come back to us.

From feedback already received we have been able to remove the need for patient registration on smoking vouchers and also the issue of NRT voucher numbers. We are dealing with the issue to ensure that it is the entry on Part 1 of the IBA that drives payment rather than Part 2, as part 2 is not always necessary. Although you must still do part 2 if it is appropriate for the patient. Patient details now link through from Part 1 to Part 2.

We hope to also have the CCG services on PharmOutcomes at some point in the future. PharmOutcomes – The Basics