Quality Payments – Requesting an NHSmail account for your pharmacy

Quality Payments – Requesting an NHSmail account for your pharmacy

December 22, 2016

Community pharmacy contractors that wish to take part in the Quality Payments Scheme must:

  1. have an NHSmail account for their pharmacy by the review points (28th April 2017 and 24th November 2017) at which they wish to make a Quality Payments Scheme claim; or
  2. for the purposes of the 28th April 2017 review point, have evidence that they have applied for an NHSmail account by 1st February 2017.

NHS England and NHS Digital have today announced that contractors that wish to apply for an NHSmail account for their pharmacy, to meet the requirement in point 2 above, can do so by emailing the following information to nhspharmacy.registration@nhs.net (by 1st February 2017):

  • Trading name of pharmacy;
  • Owner’s name;
  • Address, including postcode (for the premises the NHSmail address will apply to);
  • Pharmacy ODS code (F code);
  • Pharmacy telephone number; and
  • Current pharmacy email address.

Contractors with multiple pharmacies may submit this information via one email, providing details for each pharmacy premises. For this reason, pharmacy teams working within multiple pharmacy groups may want to check with their head office before requesting an NHSmail address for their pharmacy.

Next steps

In January 2017, further details will be requested from contractors that have submitted a request for an NHSmail account, in order to allow the creation of a pharmacy shared NHSmail account and individual NHSmail accounts for staff, including regular locum staff, that will be needed to access the pharmacy’s shared NHSmail account.

Further information on NHSmail can be found at: psnc.org.uk/nhsmail

Further information on the Quality Payments Scheme can be found at: psnc.org.uk/quality

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